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Property for Sale, Apartments for Rent, Buying a house in the UK

Search through thousands of listings of property for sale and rent to find your dream house.

At Eyeniversum, we realize that home is more than just a place to live. It cannot be argued that price, location, and size really matter but you should also consider how the place makes you feel. We know what a home is really worth, so let us help you find yours. Search through thousands of properties for sale and rent on our platform to find the right house to make your home. 

Eyeniversum helps you make the right investment

We provide a trusted perspective on London properties and a focused approach to property search.


 Find Apartments for Rent in the UK

Eyeniversum makes it extremely simple and convenient for you to find apartments for rent in the UK


Find Commercial Properties for Sale in the UK

On our platform, you can find a variety of commercial properties available for sale all across the UK


Whether you are planning on buying a house, moving up the property ladder, selling your property, or looking for an apartment on rent; we, at Eyeniversum, aim to make it easy to find your dream home.


      Innovative Search:
With our innovative property classifieds search your property hunt will turn into a breeze. Search through a wide variety of properties and sort through them based on specifications that are relevant to you. You can sort through the properties based on the type of accommodation, location, price range, size, rental or for-sale and more.

      Sell your Property:
Thousands of agents and private sellers list  their properties for sale with Eyeniversum. With our user-friendly platform, homeowners and agents can create a professional property for sale listing in a matter of minutes. You can upload all the relevant photos and locate your home on a map while creating the property listing. We then put your property listing in front of tens of thousands of motivated buyers and all inquiries are sent directly to you – allowing you to save money and take control of your sale.

      Advertise Your Property:
With Eyeniversum, you can advertise your classified property listing so that it can reach more people and you can get a quicker sale. On our platform, you can promote your classified property listing in unique and creative ways in order to reach more buyers and get more viewers interested in it.


There are a lot of benefits of using Eyeniversum for your property needs:

      No charges for signing up and posting your listing

      Find property listings for buying, leasing and renting all over the UK

      We ensure that you get complete information at the start itself

      We only support genuine property listings

      Post classified ads for your property for a quick sale

      Dedicated Customer Support to help resolve your queries


Thinking of buying a house in the UK?

Our classified services will help you find properties for sale across the UK and significantly simplify the process of buying a house.

Looking to sell or rent out your property located in the UK?

We got you covered, sign up today to post your listing!

Apartment Rental Simplified With Eyeniversum

Search through thousands of Apartments for Rent listings to find the perfect Home for you