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Build real skills; buy learning videos online with courses and tutorials from the best educators in the world. We make buying and selling online courses easier for everyone.

World-Class Learning, with World Class Teachers through Virtual Classroom

Anytime, Anywhere

     Engaging Courses

Buy and Sell comprehensive and engaging courses on a wide array of topics. Learn from people who are experts in their field and are willing to share their knowledge with you.

     100% Satisfaction

Find the best online tutors selling online courses with our platform  who will teach you all you desire to learn. You can ask them your queries and buy their courses if you want to gain a deeper understanding.

     Your Virtual Classroom

Think of our platform as your virtual classroom where you can find all the courses that you are pursuing and hundreds of other courses that might interest you, presented to you in an optimized, learning-friendly package.

Find flexible, affordable options when you buy Online Learning videos

Choose from hundreds and thousands of courses, tutorials, and lectures to find the one that works for you

Gain expertise with In-depth Learning

Apply what you learn with comprehensive courses listed on our platform and gain practical knowledge that will give your career a lift!

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      Learn Relevant Skills: With our virtual classroom, find tutors selling online courses that will help you improve your credentials and boost your career

      Career Growth: Growth your career and take it to new heights with industry-oriented courses taught by subject experts and teachers

      Certified Courses: Buy learning videos online and find certified professional instructors selling online courses on our platform

      Upskill your Organization: Get in touch with us for organization-level course packages and buy learning videos and courses to train your entire team.

A Brandon-Hall Study revealed that learning online typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same subject in a traditional classroom setting.

We provide you with the flexibility to learn as per your own time and comfort. With Eyeniversum, you can make learning a fun endeavor and not a compulsory routine activity that you have to undertake.



Are you a subject expert? Looking to reach a wider audience with a virtual classroom?

You have come to the right place. With our platform, selling online courses is simple and straightforwad.

Market and Sell Online Courses with Eyeniversum

Create an online course with any content type. All your contents are encrypted & stored in secured cloud storage. Your content gets decrypted just before the students see them, thus keeping your content protected from privacy.

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Producing and providing e-learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions compared to face-to-face training

Become a part of the new age of education and learning. Buy learning videos & courses and sell online courses without adversely affecting the environment.