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Classified Car Ads, Used Motors and Auto Classifieds in UK

With Eyeniversum, find thousands of classified car ads and auto classifieds of new and used vehicles from across the UK

Why go with Eyeniversum to find your next car – car classifieds simplified

      Authorized Dealers
With Eyeniversum auto classifieds, you can be assured to find authorized dealers for all the new vehicles that you purchase. We take special care to ensure that your car purchase is as smooth as possible.

      Find the Perfect Used Car
Whether you are looking for what available is in your local area or performing a quick search by make and model, our innovative car  classifieds platform helps you thoroughly research your car purchase.

      Vehicle History and maintenance Checks
To ensure the best quality service in all cases, all the used vehicles listed on our platform go through a standardized vehicle history test and a maintenance test. Customer satisfaction is our prime objective.

      Selling made simple
Sell your used card to a registered dealer with our classified car ads and listing services. Complete the process from the comfort of your home, our experts will take care of everything for you.

Search from over 50,000 vehicles – classified car Ads

Pick from thousands of used and new cars across the UK, from our network of authorized dealers or registered sellers. Our platform provides the best auto classifieds in the UK.

Car Buying Essentials

      How much is your car worth?
Looking for a value on your car? You are in the right place. We keep our car valuations updated so that you get the latest guide price to help you value your car and negotiate better with the sellers. Whether you are buying or selling, it’s best to know your car’s exact value since that puts you in a strong position to negotiate on the price.
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Used Car Search – Used Motors

Those days are long gone when you had to search for hours and days in order to find a good deal on a Used Car. With our car classifieds, you are presented with thousands of Used Cars at the click of the mouse.

At Eyeniversum auto classifieds, we have made special efforts to simplify the process as much as possible. You can personalize your search as much as you want so that you are not bothered with cars that will not interest you, whilst getting the best prices possible. Once you have found a Used Car which you like, you can contact the seller through Eyeniversum.

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Post Classified Car Ads to find a buyer quickly

On our platform, you can create a car classifieds listing or classified car ads in a matter of minutes and find the perfect buyer for your motor vehicle.