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Post Ads to Sell Used Books and New Books Online – Buy eBooks and Magazines

Are you looking to sell used books online? At Eyeniversum you can sell books online and earn some cash in return. Not just that, you can also buy ebooks from our platform as well!

Sell Used Books and New Books Online

At Eyeniversum, you can not only list your old or new ebooks for sale but pretty much any kind of  ebook, e-magazine, e-journals and more. With our platform, you can post a listing of your new and old ebooks and make a quick sale at a great price, all from the comfort of your home! 

Share and spread the knowledge, sell your ebooks online

Our platform offers one of the simplest and most convenient experiences to sell old ebooks and new ebooks online. Make money from your collection of ebooks, e-magazines, and e-journals by selling them on our platform. We ensure that you get the best price for your ebooks

What type of Books can you sell on Eyeniversum?

In this question lies the beauty of our platform; we are fine with any kind of ebook or e-magazine you want to sell. Whatever needs to go out of your computer library can end up on our listing for a quick sale, as long as it is not forbidden by law. We are open to all titles and topics of ebooks that you may have as long as it does not violate any law in force at the time. 

What is the process of selling books on Eyeniversum?

We have made our platform as user-friendly as possible so that you can sell used books easily (ebooks). In pursuit of that objective, we formulated a simple, straightforward process of selling books on our platform

1.     Register with Us: Firstly, you will need to Sign Up/Register on our platform with your email address or other social media profiles. Upon registration being completed, you will have created an account on our platform and can begin selling and buying ebooks.

2.     Create a Listing: Once your account is created, you can create a classified listing of your ebook(s) with all the details, specifications, pictures, prices, etc. Once you are satisfied with it, you can post the same on our platform.

3.     Queries and Negotiations: Upon posting your classified listing for the ebooks, you can expect to soon start receiving responses from interested buyers. Sift through the offers and negotiate until you can reach an agreement.

4.     Complete the Sale: Once you have reached an agreement with a buyer, he/she will process the payment on our platform which will be transferred to you once you have sent  the ebooks to the buyer as per the agreement.

Buy Ebooks online and get the best prices

With Eyeniversum, you can conveniently buy ebooks online on our platform and get the best prices for a wide array of titles and books.

Sell Books Online with Eyeniversum

With our platform, you can sell books online easily. We accept books in soft-copy formats only. Begin selling ebooks online today to make some money on your old and new ebooks and e-magazines.