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Before starting:

When you register to our Webpage you will have an option to tick and join our Affiliate Program.

Otherwise when logged in you can go on the Eyeniversum Main Profile and tick it and you will be automatically a Partner of us :)

After that once you navigate the Webpage you will see on some products (the eligible ones) a red tag on the top left of the picture of the product.

Once you click on that one it will send you to the page of the affiliate link of the product.


Step 1

Here you are on the affiliate link page of the product.

You can simply copy the link if you wish, or you can even send it straight via email or share it into Social Media Platforms.


Step 2

Now you only need to wait till somebody interested in the product clicks on your link and buys from there.


Step 3

Now you can click on one of these buttons to check out your earnings from sales done from your affiliate links and you can immediately withdraw your earnings.


We are always here to help you out.


TRICKS and TIPS to sell more as an affiliate are:


- If you have any friend or family member that you know is interested in such products/services or topics you could share refer the link to them


- Join social media groups or pages (for example Facebook groups or pages) and post there your links


- If you are an Influencer then advertise or post your link, if you aren't an Influencer you may could ask one to advertise it on your behalf!


- If you are a writer you may could include the link to your articles/blogs/texts/books.


- Use paid advertising


- Promote affiliate links on forums


- Promote links on webinars or podcasts


- Include your links in emails or newsletters


- If you have an Email list you may send the affiliate link in an email to your email list with a nice introduction to the product or service you are promoting


- Add affiliate links to your video descriptions


- Add your affiliate links on your Facebook posts, Instagram posts/stories, on TikTok or any other social media post


- Include your affiliate links on your online course or eBook.


- Make a review video of some product or service  (on Youtube or elsewhere) or about our Platform and add the affiliate link


PLEASE be aware when you do promote affiliate links, be authentic, be accurate, do NOT be scammy and be TRUE to the facts!


Here some links that may better could help and explain how to best promote affiliate links:





Join as Affiliate Partner!


We strongly suggest you also to join our Email Newsletter as you will be updated regarding all news and updates happening on our Website! 

We are improving and upgrading weekly our Platform that means also the Affiliate Program will have more and more features so that your Earnings can grow and grow too!

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